Birthday Parties


Treadstone offers fun and exciting birthday parties for all ages! Our gym offers everything from beginner to expert climbs and that service extends to our birthdays! Our staff will guide your party and steer them towards the climbing best suited to their abilities. We can make sure your small children have a blast and the adventurous adults get their adrenaline fix!

Parties receive one staff member per 5 climbers and last for two hours. This typically breaks down into 1.5 hours for climbing and fun, with 30 minutes for cake and presents. Additional time is, of course, available.

Please call at least one week in advance. For parties of 30 or more, please call two weeks in advance!


Birthday Party (up to 5 people)
Birthday Party (up to 10 people)
Birthday Party (up to 15 people)
Birthday Party (up to 20 people)
Birthday Party (up to 25 people)
Up to 30 people
Price for every 10 people over 30

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