Classes and Other Programs

Classes and Other Programs

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Overview: There are significant differences between classes, coaching, personal training, and guiding, but we are listing them all together below. We have regularly scheduled classes and coaching that you can book online. Personal training and Guiding are by appointment and are customizable, but you can still purchase them online.

We divide Classes and Coaching into Level One or Level Two. One is not necessarily for more or less accomplished climbers. Our Levels speak to the complexity and duration of the class. Level One classes are about an hour to 1.5 hrs. long. Level Two classes take longer, have more complexity, and are more likely to have prerequisites. The the higher fees.

  • Classes are instructional. They teach skills and concepts, in a group presentation format, often using illustrations and other resources.
  • Coaching involves guiding your group through an actual workout.  We coach youth and adults separately. We do have climbing teams – and competitors  participate in coaching once or twice per week – but you do not have to compete in order to participate in coaching. Coaching is for anyone who would like some “real time” workout guidance.
  • Personal Training is coaching at a more personal level. We offer 1-on-1, 2-on-1, and 3-on-1 Personal Training. These are customized for you, and we track your individual progress more closely than we do in group coaching.
  • Guiding is for people who want to climb outdoors, on the real rocks. Talk to Marc for details.

Free Regularly Scheduled Programs:

  • Climbing Supplemental Training (CST):  Balance your climbing muscles, and ROCK! your PT score with this now famous and oft-published workout!  When? Mondays and Thursdays at (6:30-7pm)
  • Outdoor Climbing Trip! For graduates of OTC (Level Two Class listed below), or climbers approved by Marc. We do not “guide” on this trip. It is an informal, social gathering of self-sufficient climbers who carpool and meet up at various climbing areas around the South. When? Every Second Saturday of the month (all day)
  • Free Friend Fridays: Bring a first time visitor with you for free! When? Every Friday, (all day)

Regular Events and Special Days:

  • Ladies Night Discounted climbing for The Ladies. All rental gear included. When? Every Wednesday (6:00-10pm) Fees: only $10!
  • Parent’s Night Out (PNO) Enjoy a night out, knowing that “the kids are alright,” fed supper, and having structured, supervised fun! When? Third Friday of Every Month: (6:30-10pm) Fees: $25 for Non Members. $15 for members.
  • Special Events and Programs. We regularly host competitions, holiday events, and member socials. Keep an eye on our Events Calendar. We conduct offsite PT, Corporate Team Building events, office socials, school field trips, lock ins, birthday parties, camps, and other group events, by reservation. Call to schedule. Fees: variable

Level One Classes and Coaching:

New climbers are advised to attend these in this order. Classes include Gear Rental

Fees: $25 for Non-Members; $15 for Members

  • Discovery Climb: Rent a staff member for an hour to belay for you and up to two other people. When? Any Day. By reservation. Drop-ins subject to Crew availability. Cost: $25 per person per hour (Discounts for Military, Fire, Police, and Students).
  • Belay Class (for pairs): Learn to Belay and thereby become self sufficient in any climbing gym. When? Friday Nights at 6:30pm. Reservations requested. Drop-ins subject to Crew availability.
  • Intro to Climbing: The first things to know about all things climbing. Technique, training, and more. When? Wednesdays: (6:30-7:30pm)   
  • Mondays with Marc (MwM): Treadstone’s owner, Marc, teaches a class from our menu – or a “chef’s choice” special topic. When? (Every Monday 6:30-8:30pm). Marc rarely misses these, but they will happen with a guest host if Marc is traveling.
  • TREADSTONE YounGuns. Coached Climbing Session for Youth, ages 7-19, in a group setting. Ages 15 and up may opt to train with the adults. When? Tuesdays & Thursdays: (6-7:30pm) 
  • Adult Coaching: Coached Climbing Session for Adults, in a group setting. When? Tuesdays & Thursdays: (7:30-9pm)
  • Lead Climbing Class: For lead climbing in the gym. This class is $25 per hour. Different people take different amounts of time to acquire and demonstrate proficiency, depending upon preparedness. When? By appointment.

Level Two Classes and Coaching:

Fees: $65 for Non-Members; $45 for Members

  • Outdoor Transition Course (OTC) A class designed to prepare you for climbing outdoors, on real rock! This class – or approval by Marc – is a requirement for anyone who wishes to go on a Treadstone Outdoor Climbing Trip When? Second Thursday of every month: (6:30-9:00pm)

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