Countdown to D Day

Countdown to D Day

Still in Holiday Mode? Me too, My Friends

I don’t know about any of you, but I am still enjoying The Holidays (yes, after Christmas, that’s what I start calling this season too). I’m still eating tasty leftovers, and all that comes with that. New Year’s Day is coming and, like most of you, I have New Year’s Eve plans that I’m looking forward to (sorry to end that sentence with a preposition. The proper grammar in such cases has become pretentious, and is something “up with which I will not put!” to quote the ever-witty Sir Winston Churchill).

I’m not yet ready myself to hit the bricks hard. I’m exercising, yes of course, but I’ll save re-intensifying for D Day. I always take a couple of weeks at Christmas-time to give my body a healthy, much-needed break. D Day, as you already know, is what I call the kick off to New Year Goals every year. For 2017, I’ve shifted just a bit in my thinking on what I want to do for that, and that’s why I’m writing this. For people who are already fitness-minded, their own personal D Day will likely be Jan 2, New Year’s Day observed. Most people will be off of work still. Pre-existing fitness people will likely spend that day doing a 1-3 hour (or all day) workout – because they can and because that’s what we enjoy. But such folks are not who needs the help. For the rest of the world – the normal people – January 9 is a better day. Fitness professionals are accustomed to seeing the “Resolution Crowd” start to come in sometime during the second week of January – after they have had some time to get work re-situated. After all, most bosses come to work on the first work day of January with some Resolution Goals of their own, right?

This Year, It’s Personal

I’ve been in the climbing and fitness industries my entire adult life. Before that, I started working out with my Dad when I was ten years old, and really never have missed many workouts since that time. Fitness has always been my passion, and I have been fortunate to make it my profession … and to do so without diminishing the appeal or climbing or working out. In fact, my passion for it all has only grown with total immersion. I’ll tell you what, though, in the last three to five years I’ve discovered another passion: Business. It’s been a tough, but altogether wonderful and rewarding ride so far, creating North Star and Treadstone … and all that is tied to those entities. The Tribe we’ve created, and the almost instant international recognition and following have frankly surprised  – and humbled – me. Humbled, because it has taken me into circles of people among whom I have a great deal about which to be humble. In my Striving to do justice to the businesses and my Family, I will admit to you here that I have – for the first time in my life – fallen off the fitness wagon myself sometimes since we started building The Gym. I get back on the wagon pretty quickly and easily, but that is a far cry from the way I have always lived.

The work it all takes has overwhelmed me at times. And to be totally honest with you, I have always considered myself incapable of being overwhelmed. I have always heard people as “excuse-makers” when they said “I just don’t have the time.” But I have several times reached a point where I could not get up any earlier to work. Could not sacrifice any more sleep for tasks. I stopped reading books for pleasure because I needed that time to work The Gym, build climbing walls all over the world; write programs, policies, and staff training manuals, etc. All fun. All rewarding. But I am not where I want to be with my climbing or my general fitness anymore. Even when I go to The Gym – especially then, in fact – I end up “working the room” instead of training. It’s fun. I’m not complaining. I love our Tribe of Members, Visitors, and Crew. But still … you see where I’m going.

Let’s Hit the Beach Together

So D Day for me this year has greater significance. I can – maybe for the first time – relate to someone who has been too sedentary. Someone under-acquainted with exercise, fitness, or just greater activity. I’m right there with all of you! For me it looks like this: I still have goals to achieve, and I’ll be honest … I am not on The Path towards them at the moment. And like in The Parable of the Talents, I consider how I am approaching my climbing right now … as a sin. To be the age I am and still on sighting at the level that I do (almost “off the couch”) is a gift – I’m not allowed to waste it. So D Day is when I will be back on The Path, and I will spend the time until then getting my mind right. Prepping my battlefield. Rolling my flag into a quiver … for bold placement some time after The Climb that’ll commence on D Day … placement firmly atop my Cliffs of Normandy. I won’t be on top on D Day. D Day is when the campaign begins. The End State is in the future, but I encourage each of you – as I say to myself – to set a “No Later Than” date. Put deadlines and work boots onto your dreams … so that they can live themselves out as the far more worthy “Goals.” 

Set Checkpoints on the Way to Success

Like all Ultimate Goals, the End State cannot be your first goal. You have to set check points – intermediate goals – along the way. A mail room clerk cannot set her sights immediately upon becoming the CEO of an international, Fortune 500 company. Metaphorically speaking, neither should you. That would be a recipe for failure. I have a spreadsheet I have spent decades developing. The one I use to set goals and work towards them. I want you all to have it. Any subscriber here. Any Treadstone Member or Crew Member. Email me directly to obtain it, at [email protected] No “[email protected]” address. No “[email protected]” address. I am that committed to YOUR goals, and I want to help. And here’s the thing: I want you to help me too. I’m not quite ready to put “out there” to you what my “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” is … (“B-HAG,” for you fellow Intentional Excellence book junkies), but I am going to tell you my checkpoint-level intermediate goal. I’m going to put myself out there so that all of you can keep me accountable. I encourage you to make a similar, public declaration. It will help a lot. It makes failure a non-option.

Help Me Reach My Check Point Level Goal

My 50th birthday is July 10, 2017. I plan to redpoint a 5.13 again on that day. D Day is the kickoff for my prep. I train at The Gym on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and I climb outside or in The Gym on many weekends. I would like to have a pre-selected person with whom to train on those days. Time and place. I invite anyone here to write me prior to such days and ask me who I am training with. If I don’t have one yet, let’s train together. And if you are such a partner, you are charged with keeping me from “working the room” instead. Deal? Accountability is vital. Develop this for yourself somehow. Even if it’s just the declaration itself. What are your Goals? When are you accountable to hit each? What are your Checkpoints along The Path? Know all this going in. My Goal Sheet will help.

I’ll give you your first checkpoint – our Team Rally Point, actually. It’s absolutely free of charge. We will embark from there together. Ready? Alright:

  • Who: You, me, and anyone else who wants to get on The Path. Bring them!
  • What: 2017 Kick Off Boot Camp and Fitness Expo. It’s Group Workouts and More
  • When: Monday, January 9, 2017
    • 6am-7am: Morning Group Work Out*
    • Noon to 1pm: Lunchtime Group Workout*
    • 5pm: Fitness Tables from Area Fitness Experts Open.
    • 5:30pm: Intro to Fitness Class / Planning Class
    • 6:30pm: Evening Group Workouts (Pick Your Workout)*
      • CST and Cardio Climbing
      • Strong by Zumba class
      • Running Clinic
      • Ninja Workout in the Parkour Gym
      • Jujitsu demo
    • 8pm: Fitness Tables Close
    • 10pm: Climbing Gym closes
  • Where:
    • Treadstone Climbing Gym
      • Treadstone’s new 4,000 square foot Fitness Studio!
    • Lvl Up Parkour Academy
  • Why: So you are equipped for your 2017 Fitness Goals

* These workouts are time options, so that you have the maximum chance to attend ONE. We’re not suggesting you do them all.

Email me directly at [email protected] to get a flyer for the event. Please post it anywhere you “see fit” around town. I will send that along with your fillable Goal-Setting chart.

Don’t wait until January 9 to be more active. That’s just the day we get more serious. We’ll see you in The Gym. CST and other classes will be going on “as per usual.”

Have a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!

-Marc sends


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