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We offer a 15% admission discount to Military families. This discount applies to admission (day passes and memberships) and discovery passes for the service member and his or her family. Valid Service, Dependent, or Retired ID required.

The Five W’s (and Then Some)


What Makes Climbing So Effective for PT?

  • It is fun and different enough that it is not a chore to do it with consistency.
  • Climbers never make the same move twice, so the Muscle Confusion Principle is taken to the max … meaning that climbers never plateau. The fitness just keeps climbing skywards.
  • As a bodyweight exercise, climbing was a Functional Fitness pursuit long before that was fashionable.


Us: We at TREADSTONE never forget that our service members are the reason Americans are able to have climbing gyms, birthday parties, BBQ grills, and all the things that make life in this country what it is. The TREADSTONE owner / operator has his own background in this area (call for details – or better yet, come by), is a fitness and climbing magazine writer, a former Programs Manager at top shelf Atlanta fitness centers, and a formerly #9 ranked-in-the-USA competitive rock climber

You: An Adventurous Leader, or MWR LNO. Climbers come in all shapes, sizes, and ability levels. Climbing is like skiing – in that you are able to take many very different approaches to it. You can be on the Bunny Slopes or do the equivalent of a helicopter exit to a Triple Black Diamond run down Everest … and anything in between. Any way you “slice it,” you are still enjoying the sport, the culture, the lifestyle, and the lodge at the end of the day with your friends – who will come together and enjoy being a part of an adventurous, fun community.

In other words, if you are looking for a fun birthday party for your five year old, want to do social / recreational climbing, want to train for the IFSC Climbing World Cup or an ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite, or do a death-defying ascent of the Eiger … you can do any or all of that and anything in between. Some of the most famous climbers in the world are elite females and ten-year-old phenomenons … so bring the whole family, and start them early!


Off Site PT: Arrange with your unit to support a nice change of pace that promotes PT participation in a place where the Mission Statement is best summed up as “Strive. Serve. Lead.” And we know how to accomplish this for people willing to do some fun, mission-focused work. Climbing boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio in sports, extreme core strength, and lifelong improvement well into a climber’s 60s and up.


Our gym is located right on the bike path, near Shooters and CSU at 4209 Milgen Rd. You can drive, bike, or run right up to our door and lock your bike on one of our racks while you are here. Once inside, you’ll see that we have:

  • Climbing Walls for Bouldering, lead climbing and top roping.
  • All the weight equipment you need.
  • Functional Fitness apparati.
  • A sofa, wide screen TV, WiFi, Mac TV, Cherry wood tables and chairs … all for your comfort at BaseCamp or that of your family who may just be there to watch or read a book.
  • A bar with a stool with your name on it … have some of our coffee – or bring a protein shake
  • Cold Drinks for Sale


  • Drop in Seven Days per Week for an adventurous workout that gets you out of the normal sets and reps grind.
  • Book a Special Event during business hours, or book a special event during closed hours (even PT hours) and have the place to yourself for your unit or MWR.
  • We also do Team Building Programs that infuse what we learned from being Rangers, RI’s, Green Berets, business owners and deployed soldiers. These are not your typical “Trust, Communication, Teamwork” mantras you have experienced when doing Team Building elsewhere. This is the Meat and The Potatoes.

Want to Crank It Up to Eleven?

The Next Paragraph is Not for the Faint of Heart

Careful what you wish for, Ranger! If you want to go beyond recreational climbing, we can take you as far as you want to go. If you are still reading, then you are likely to be among those for whom the world turns faster. You are one of those “Bring It On!” types. We are all about that for the right people who have prepared themselves.

Let us organize a Climbing Workout, Ninja Workout, Off Site Boot Camp, Ranger Prep, or SF Prep Course for you and your unit. TREADSTONE is your BaseCamp for such festivities. We can deploy from our gym right out the back door onto the Bike Path, and we have access to wooded areas and ranges where we can incorporate Land Nav, patrolling, shooting, Ropes Courses, Riverside Green Space PT – even aviation and skydiving if you want it. Just call us to set up a custom Adventure Fitness package that ROCKS!



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