Outdoor Guiding

Outdoor Guiding


Let Treadstone take you on an outdoor adventure designed to be both fun and instructional. With several excellent (and many world-renowned) climbing destinations in the southeast, you can be introduced to world class climbing by our excellent guides. Our outdoor trips aren’t just for dedicated climbers, we offer social and recreational destinations as well! Speak with one of our staff to find out what destination and class would best suit your needs, or just drop us an email!

Intro to Outdoor Sport Climbing (Instructional) (Prereq: Indoor Lead Climbing Certification)

Individual: $225 Two People: $275

Intro to Multi-Pitch Climbing (Instructional) (Prereq: Outdoor Top Rope Certification)

Individual: $275 Two People: $375

ROPE GUN Guiding. (Recreational or Instructional) (Prereq: Belay Certification)

Individual: $375 Two People: $475

Outdoor Guiding Office Social Event (Recreational or Team Building) (Prereq: None)

Up to 5 people (120/person): $375 Up to 10 people (85/person): $475
Up to 15 people: $1300 Up to 20 people: $1700
Up to 25 people: $2200 Price for every 10 people over 25: $850


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