Portable Climbing Wall


Yes, we do rent her out for events around town … as I am sure you must have noticed since she averages 2-3 deployments a week in the peak seasons. This is the only portable climbing wall for rent for hundreds of miles in any direction, and TREADSTONE makes it easy and very affordable for Columbus area folks to get her onsite.

Great for:

  • Special Events
  • Grand Openings
  • Fairs
  • Church or School Events
  • MWR events
  • Concerts
  • Office Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Scouting Expos
  • Air Shows
  • Riverside Venues
  • Birthday Parties
  • And more!


  • $800 per 4-hour period in the Columbus / Phenix City metro area, to include Harris County and Ft. Benning.
  • $1400 per 4-hour period, when site is between 50 and 150 miles outside Columbus.
  • $1400 plus mileage when site is more than 150 miles from Columbus, Georgia. Contact us for custom quote.

– In the Columbus / Phenix City metro area – to include Harris County and Ft. Benning – rental includes mileage, all staffing, equipment and set up fees.
– Set up time is quick and does not count towards the four hour use period.
– FIVE – yes five – climbers at once can climb on all sides.
– Detaches from trailer and stands solidly on her own – even in the middle of a tropical storm, as we have found out – without rocking like most portable climbing walls do when climbers are on them.
– Aesthetic looking, natural design.
– Professional staff with over 3,000 work days in the climbing industry, with a flawless safety record going back to 1991.
– Fully insured.

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