Team Building

Effective Strategies for:

  • Corporate Groups
  • Military Units Large and Small
  • Youth Teams

TREADSTONE Owner, Marc Heileman, got his start climbing during school on the ropes course at North Georgia’s Berry College in 1991. The focus there is Experiential Education, Team Building and Servant Leadership. That ropes course itself was started by Chik-Fil-A founder Truett Cathy.

Since graduating, Mr. Heileman has continued to facilitate team building events around the world – from Berry College to Kenya. He has worked with all types of groups – from school kids to adult social groups; from US Army Rangers and Green Berets to Fortune 500 CEOs. The facilitation of each group is custom tailored to the specific needs of the organization.

Our Focus

STRIVE. Serve. Lead.

The TREADSTONE Team Building “Coach Approach”

How are these groups organized?

Group Social Mixers

Any type of organization can benefit from a Social Mixer approach. A corporation, for example, may desire to simply bring in a group of executives, managers, or specific teams with the objective of breaking the ice and just having some off site fun together. For this, TREADSTONE applies our standard “Discovery Pass” approach and we charge $25 per person to give your people a staff guided climbing and bonding experience that includes an hour of instruction, all the gear you will need, and a day pass for each participant that covers them for however long they’d like to remain afterwards to continue the experience. These groups require a reservation made by at least one liaison (LNO) from your organization.

Team Training

These groups are highly customized for your organization. They require for us to meet with your liaison at least once for a planning session so that we can get to know the specific needs you wish to address. these can be half day, full day, or multi day experiences and are not limited to our facility. We can incorporate climbing, rappelling, map and compass courses, team expeditions on the Chattahoochee River, or anything else we and your liaison element can think up. Our professional Team is made up of Green Berets, US Army Ranger and certified Ranger Instructors, Eagle Scouts, business leaders, teachers, professional rock climbers, fitness trainers, and more. We draw from decades of experience with operational deployments, US Army Ranger School (considered by many people to be the best Leadership school in the world), corporate America, foreign deployed construction projects, climbing adventures, international level rock climbing competition, and much more. We are trained, insured, and prepared in all the latest safety practices – to include Wilderness Medicine. Call for a quote based on your organization’s unique needs.

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