The Path

The Path

Are You Are The Path?

What does that mean? It does not necessarily mean that you have to be a warrior, but that focus and intensity is something that will help anyone. For us, we are all about The Path to betterment. In climbing, yes, but going way beyond that, using what you learn from climbing to set and achieve any goal. Climbing is A Metaphor for Life – as Jerry Dodgen always said.

At Treadstone, we’re here to help you achieve, starting with your climbing workouts. If you haven’t seen the new Score Sheets, make sure you ask for one every time you check in at Treadstone. Here’s how it works …

The Least You Need to Know:

  • List every attempt separately, because every attempt has real workout value. Your mileage is you EARNING your place at The Table. You are doing the work, and that will get you better, leaner, and sending to earn Top Gun points
  • Foot Value: We measure attempts and “rainbow runs” in feet. Each route and problem has a point value and a “foot value” listed on the “start card.” If you go halfway up a route or problem, split the “foot value” in half, and have it witnessed. No, we do not feel the need to triple-verify your making it .763% of the way up a route. If it’s about ¾, just list it accordingly. Let’s not jump this shark
  • Point Value: Only by sending* a MARKED route or problem, can you earn POINTS, and only points are going to get you on the Top Guns section of the Leader Board. If you send a route / problem twice, you DO NOT get the points twice
  • Your outdoor WORK DOES count! Keep some score sheets in your pack. Guidebooks list the height of routes. Est. Boulder Hts.

5.7 = 700 pts

12a = 1200 V0- = 775 V3 = 1100 V6+ = 1280 V10- = 1390

5.8 = 800

13a = 1300

V0 = 800

V3+ = 1150

V7- = 1290

V10 = 1400

5.9- = 900

14a = 1400

V0+ = 825

V4- = 1175

V7 = 1300

V10+ = 1430

5.9 = 950

15a = 1500

V1- = 850

V4 = 1200

V7+ = 1320

V11- = 1460

5.9+ = 975

V1 = 900

V4+ = 1225

V8- = 1330 V11 = 1490
5.10a = 1000 Add 10 pts for route onsights V1+ = 925 V5- = 1230 V8 = 1350

V11+ = 1510

10b = 1025 Add 10 pts for boulder flashes V2- = 950 V5 = 1250 V8+ = 1360 V12 = 1535
10c = 1050

V2 = 1000

V5+ = 1260

V9- = 1370

V13 = 1560

10d = 1075

V2+ = 1050

V6- = 1270

V9 = 1375

V14 =1585

11a = 1100 V3- = 1075 V6 = 1275 V9+ = 1380

V15 = 1615

  • Witness: Have your training partner, a bystander, or Crew Member “witness” your attempts, with a readable name.
  • Turn in your Score sheet to the Crew Member on duty after you are finished. We will tally your points into the master spreadsheet, track your monthly and yearly for you, and put the top ten from each category onto our prominently displayed “Leader Board” each month. Any climber at Treadstone has a category
  • Leader Board tracking starts over every month
  • At the end of each year, we will hold an awards ceremony in Area 5 next door. It will double as our Tribe Christmas Party.
    • Leaders from EVERY CATEGORY will be awarded medals and patches for wear on Team Jerseys and Member Shirts!
    • Shoot for having an “Everest Year” or an “El Cap Month.” We have badges for this. And still other patches for El Cap Days.
    • Member shirts will be color coded to reflect your climbing level (Orange Belt, Belt, Black Belt!). When you surpass your past level, pass on your Treadstone shirt to someone who has newly attained that level. We will stop the gym for the award of it

A Little Deeper Down this Rabbit Hole:

  • M.A.R.T. Goals are goals that are more than just wishful thinking. Goals are hopes and dreams – but with deadlines, and “with work boots on.” They are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable, and Time-sensitive.
  • This climbing tracking is just a part of our Climb Life program. As Jerry Dodgen used to say, “Climbing is a metaphor for Life.” And he was right. It is a way to use climbing and other workouts to learn how to set goals – and Climb Life helps you translate that ability into setting any goal from the Seven Areas of Life.








  • Best of all, Climb Life gives you a report card for every area of life – and it gives you instant feedback every time you add new data
  • We will email you the Climb Life Tracker and our Fitness How-To. Just send us a request to [email protected]

This has been an instant hit. The entire gym was using the score sheets the first day we offered the score sheets and put up the Leader Board. Thank y’all for your enthusiasm!


– Marc sends


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