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For children, climbing is fun activity that keeps them off the couch and the iPad; and builds the highest strength-to-weight ratio in all of sports. Kids excel at climbing. In fact, because of the strength-to-weight ratio advantage that kids have, some of the best climbers in the world are ten years old … and best of all – unlike gymnastics – they keep getting better at it into their 30s, 40s, 50s, and older. It is a lifelong, sustainable sport. The competitive climbing circuit starts at age seven, and runs through college with USA Climbing’s Collegiate Climbing Series. We have professional Youth Coaching available to you for up to three days per week. We all know from watching Ultimate Ninja Warrior that climbers dominate. Our coaches know precisely why, and know how to build climbing and Ninja Warrior skills for your children. We have, in fact, Parkour and Ninja Warrior training right here in the same building as well, and we incorporate that into our Summer Camp! That runs from May 23-July 29 (closed the week of July 4), so yes, you do have something for them to do when they get out of school!

Probably the best thing about kids and climbing, though, is that climbing builds true capability, and the true self-esteem that comes with it. We are not talking about the “everybody gets a trophy,” “everything is awesome” self esteem construction attempts that are prevalent today. With climbing, you either get to the top or you do not. Nobody can give that to you, and no one can take it away. When you say “that was awesome!” after a child gets to the top of a climb, you can mean it!



  • Membership plus
  • $80/Month for once per week, or
  • $160/ Month for twice per week
  • Gear rental and tee shirt is included
  • Coached youth and their parents are invited to climb outdoors with us on our monthly trips. There is a one time fee for our Outdoor Transition Course (OTC) but the trips themselves are included with membership.


  • Competition is optional, but available. Our youth climbers attend regular competitions around the region, and further away if they qualify. Parents are highly encouraged to be involved, drive with us, and to act as chaperones and Team Moms / Dads.

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MarcTeam-e1398880189689Professional coaching, led by a former #9-in-USA ranked competitor.

Go to YouTube and search “SCS Nationals,” “ABS Nationals,” “IFSC World Cup,” and “Climbing World Championships 2014″ for some excellent and inspiring videos that highlight what is available to these competitors.

“Climbing World Championships 2014,” in particular, features one of the best explanations of how competitions work

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