Treadstone Score Sheet

Treadstone’s Workout Score Sheet

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Today’s Date:


Start with Why: Why track your workouts? Because having numbers staring you in the face is the best way to measure whether you are on The Path to self-betterment … doing the work – and having the fun – you have set out to. Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and Resolutions are important. Without them, you will flounder and not become All You Can Be. Full explanation and rules on back of this sheet.


TODAY’s CLIMBING – Inside and Out (Outdoor routes and problems count)


Route or Problem Name # of Feet Climbed Sent? Points Earned Witness (Print name legibly)
      TODAY’s TOTALS  
      # Unique Problems “SENT:”  
      # Unique Routes “SENT:”  
      Total # Feet Climbed:  
      Total Points:  


Sending is defined as “completing a route or boulder problem – without straying from the route, and without falls or hangs.”


Exercises listed in order of what we deem priorities for most climbers. Write in your own additional exercises

TRAINING for CLIMBING Total # Sets Total # Reps Total Time Personal Best Ever
Hang boards        
System Wall        
H.I.T. Strips        
Bachar Ladder        
Atom Balls        
Timed Lock Offs        
One Arm Lock Offs        
Weighted Pinches        
Weighted Pull Ups        
Totals for Training for Climbing:        
STRENGTH TRAINING       Personal Best Ever
With Weights or Bodyweight        
Push Ups        
Abs / Core        
Pull Ups        
Chin Ups        
Other Upper Back (Lat) Work        
Other Low Back Work        
Shoulder Work        
Bicep Work        
Box Jumps        
Front Thigh Work        
Hamstring Work        
Calf Work        
Totals for Strength Training:        
CARDIO   TTL Distance   Personal Best Performance
Cardio Climbing (log the feet too!)        
Totals for Cardio Training:        
      Total Sets on System Wall:  
      Total Minutes of Timed hangs:  
      Total Sets of Strength Training:  
      Av. Rep Range per set Today:  
      Total Cardio Time Today:
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