Tactical-3 Tactical-4You can come to TREADSTONE to learn knots, rappel and ascent techniques, rigging, technical rope work, kit validation on ropes, and more. We can also come to you and do high-angle assault training at your unit or MOUT site. We are available to travel to your Military training site, and to SWAT and Fire Rescue conventions, to conduct unique three-day, high-angle trainings that incorporate CASEVAC and CQB into the program – all taught from the most qualified PAX available for this content.


Quote: “The last three days of training (with TREADSTONE) have been very effective. I have been the lead high-angle trainer for my (SWAT) team for the last three years and I didn’t know half the things we covered here. I am far more proficient now.”

– S.W.A.T. Operator at the Alabama Tactical Officers Association annual Expo at Orange Beach in 2013

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