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Though we are well aware that there are varying degrees of appropriately pushing various age groups – and that the “coach approach” to recreational groups should be less intense than what we do for our A Team – TREADSTONE takes a positive, but Old-Style approach to hard work, paying your dues, competition, straight talk, goal-setting, mentoring and STRIVING for excellence in all components of life.

We are not strangers to the effectiveness of this approach, and we have found that parents, athletes and business leaders alike find our Training Ethic refreshing – something they want for their children and for their teams, but rarely find elsewhere today.

“True Confidence vs. Self Esteem”

“Wanting it” is never enough. If you ask any student whether they “want” to make an A, any athlete if they “want” a Gold Medal, or any CEO if they “want” to lead a Fortune 500 they will all say “yes.” The pop culture approach of cheer-leading and “positive-thinking” our way to “self esteem” will not keep individuals or our society competitive. Nor can it actually achieve true Confidence. Only a mission-focused approach will accomplish any of this.

The proof of this can be found in the confidence of a Soldier – who in the Old-Style approach was not at all coddled through demanding training or in daily life … and who was never in any way protected from technicolor criticism. Yet the Soldier has confidence in spite of – actually because of – the fact that the Army culture shunned token acknowledgment. You had to perform. So the Soldier grew up with no need of empty atta-boys in order to function, did not have an inflated sense of entitlement to praise, and had the Confidence of knowing all acknowledgement of accomplishment was real and earned.

And So It Was. We Are Bringing That Back through Our Coach Approach.

“Everybody is a Winner” Means “We All Lose”

You have to be willing to do the work, without excuses or short cuts. Obstacles are to be observed and addressed, but then left behind and sinking into the wake you make. You have to master the basics and be willing to pay your dues. You have to realize and welcome that only honest assessments can help you improve. You have to condition your natural responses – throwing off immaturity and insecurity – so that you can be inspired to learn from winners, rather than grumble about the things they have achieved.

You have to accept that failure is something winners experience more often than anyone – because what they are doing is hard. The only failure is quitting. You have to know what work to do and what training to seek out, do the deeds, and then pass all of this on to others. This expands your sphere of excellence. When this takes root, it can benefit all of society, and often has.

Competition and STRIVING

How do we at TREADSTONE relate all this to climbing? Simple. Climbing is a highly objective competitive sport. You either climb higher than other competitors or you do not. There are no point deductions for form, or for a wobble that one judge out of six noticed. This means that …

Your climbing accomplishments are something that no one can take away from you – or give you

You have to goal-set, STRIVE upwards with intelligence and intention, and Finish Well. Thus, it is a great metaphor for living life, and for coaching time-honored life skills. Without competition we have no way of knowing whether or not what we did was truly excellent or noteworthy. So, without competition, we rob people of the awareness of their excellence.

“We Have Taken the Word ‘Failure’ off of the Taboo List”

Yes, losing feels bad. But – when properly and positively mentored through it by coaches, parents and peers – you learn from failure and are spurred on to greater efforts in preparing for the next opportunity to compete. The improvement between such life events is the bedrock of true Confidence.

Failure really is the best teacher, and learning leads to winning and to excellence. That is why we at TREADSTONE acknowledge failure. We face it, with the knowledge that all great people know failure intimately, and we use it as a tool for winning. Athletic endeavors are a laboratory for learning this ability. Testing your mettle on the field of play is nearly as accurate a way to take the measure of yourself as being on the field of battle; and climbing’s “Summit Experience” is among the most direct means of understanding the concept.

Athletic events are direct metaphors that build the character, perseverance, consistency, physical fitness, mental toughness, spiritual clarity, humility, Band-of-Brothers level camaraderie, Confidence, drive and so many other attributes that lead to excellence – and which are essential to being a well rounded and effective person. At TREADSTONE, we live by …

Strive. Serve. Lead

Come here to get some of that.

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