Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Are you looking to help children stay active this Summer – and all year round? Click on any of the links below for more information on any program that interests you.

Did you know that Climbing is not just an occasional diversion … or a yearly Birthday Party? Most climbers climb in our gym 2-5 days per week. It becomes their fitness regimen or their regular playtime. It isn’t difficult to stick with because it’s fun, and is such a social activity that climbers very soon become proud members of what can only be called “a Tribe.”

For children, climbing is a fun activity that keeps them off the couch and the iPad; and it builds the highest strength-to-weight ratio in all of sports. Kids excel at climbing. In fact, because of the strength-to-weight ratio advantage that kids have, some of the best climbers in the world are ten years old. Best of all – unlike gymnastics – they keep getting better at it into their 30s, 40s, 50s, and older. It is a lifelong, sustainable sport. The world wide competitive climbing circuit is focused on Youth, starting at age seven and running through college. USA Climbing has a Collegiate Climbing Series that is more and more making climbing scholarships a reality. At TREADSTONE, we have professional Youth Coaching available to you for up to three days per week. We all know from watching Ultimate Ninja Warrior that climbers dominate. Our coaches know precisely why, and know how to build these skills for your children. We have, in fact, Parkour and Ninja Warrior training right here in the same building as well, and we incorporate that into our Summer Camp! That runs from May 23-July 29 (closed the week of July 4), so yes, you do have something worthwhile for them to do when they get out of school!

The best thing about kids and climbing, though, is that climbing builds true capability, and the true self-esteem that comes with it. We are not talking about the “everybody gets a trophy,” esteem-building attempts that are prevalent today. Even the very young know that the “everything is awesome” approach is hollow and meaningless. But with climbing, you either get to the top or you do not. Nobody can give that to you, and no one can take it away. When you say “that was awesome!” after your child gets to the top of a climb, you can mean it! And they know it.

Be sure to ask us too about starting your own Home School PE group, doing Field Trips here, hosting Church lock ins, doing your school Senior Project with us, and more. And remember, Climbing is the best fitness you can do as an adult. It’s not just kid’s stuff. It’s far easier to stick with than logging mind-numbing sets and reps on a weight bench in someone’s dungeon. And there is a level of climbing difficulty that’s appropriate for anyone … from the Bunny Slopes to routes for extreme athletes. Best of all, many of our members are whole families that get daily fun, quality time together while they stay active.

Thus our tagline:

Family. Fun. Fitness.

Call us or visit our website to get started!

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